Itinerary of Nawaz Sharif , Maryam Nawaz and Rameeza Nizami

When media takes sides

Nizami and Sharif are going strong more than ever. Arif Nizami was Hameed Nizami’s (who founded Nawai Waqt & was Majeed’s elder brother), second son. According to resources, Majeed Nizami took over the reins following the older brother’s death and cut his nephews out of their inheritance. Rameeza is Mrs. Majeed Nizami’s niece adopted by the Nizamis, who later bequeathed the paper.

Rameeza Nizami who considers Mian Nawaz Sharif and his daughter, Maryam Nawaz, her leaders will be flying back to the country on Friday. Along with the indited criminals, internationally known as Penthouse Pirates, she would land on the Lahore Airport, and would most likely accompany Sharifs to Jail. The bonding between the Nizami and Sharif look deep and interests are mutual.

Find the itinerary of Nizami and Sharif below to have a look at their ongoing intimacy.