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Islamabad High Court Issues Regulations for Ramadan Transmissions

By Sanniah Hassan

According to images presented on Neo News circulating on social media and WhatsApp since yesterday, the Islamabad High court has issued new regulations concerning the Ramadan transmissions to be carried out this year. In the recent years our channels have indulged in broadcasting unusual things in the name of Ramadan entertainment for the public with shows like “Nelaam Ghar” they [the local channels] could be seen promoting and spreading values which do not run parallel with the teachings of Islam, rather they tend to disrespect the sacredness of the holy month which is first and foremost a chance for Muslims around the world to practice patience, kindness and self-control among other things et cetera.

The news clipping shown on Neo News, claims that the Islamabad High court has issued the statement with regards to Ramadan, “No channel(s) is allowed to broadcast shows such as Nelaam Ghar or put on a circus during Ramadan.” Furthermore, they have issued a statement in favor of implementing that every channel should pause, their regular transmissions to broadcast the Azaan [call for prayer] five times a day, every day during the holy month. Going so far as to say that the call for prayer must be the biggest breaking news for Muslims as we are obligated to leave any and every work to respond to this call for prayer.

Although many people would voice their opinions against this decision, claiming that our country is being pushed back in to the conservative era, that the Islamabad High court is echoing the need for religion like General Zia did during his regime, however, the truth [since it is relative meaning one persons truth may not be another’s] is far different from that that in my opinion. We need Azaan today more than ever before because when we listen to and recite the Azaan, it brings with it a sense of completeness and peace which is missing from our lives. Many of us [people in general but especially Muslims of the 21st century] suffer from depression anxiety, and insomnia et cetera, which can only be remedied if we feed our spiritual selves and this in turn can only be done if our government and other people of authority, use their resources to inculcate while we on an individual level also attempt to be more spiritual not just in Ramadan but throughout the year.

Therefore, I believe this decision by the Islamabad High court should be supported and implemented. Moreover, in my opinion it should not be limited to only the month of Ramadan but for the whole year.