ISIS Trained Suicide Bomber of Mastung Attack,Hafeez Nawaz, Has Been Identified

Mastung attack (13 July 2018) suicide bomber has been identified as his national identity card (NIC) was found from the place where he blew himself up. According to sources, he was allegedly living in the district of Sindh named Thatta but he was originally from KP and was moved to Afghanistan to be trained by ISIS. According to some alleged research, he was also in contact with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. It is tragic to hear that such a big loss took place in Baluchistan.

He blew himself up at the corner meeting of BAP ( Balochistan Awami Party) and the target was Siraj Raisani; leader of the BAP. And those heinous souls who planned and executed it, unfortunately, achieved their target.

The death toll increased from 129 to 200 including other 30 to 40 people who got badly injured. It was reported to be the worst bomb blast after Army Public School (APS) Peshawar attack which involved the massacre of hundreds of children, school staff, and teacher. This unfortunate incident happened near General Elections 2018 on 13 the July creating fear among people to stop participating in the electoral process. But against all anti-Pakistan forces, people of Baluchistan participated fully.

The other target was Akram Khan Durani of Bannu. Hafeez was not the only person involved in this but had facilitators as well who helped him reach the place. Investigations are being carried on regarding who facilitated him to reach the place and whom he contacted before the blast.

According to some authorities, he moved to Afghanistan along with his brothers and sisters after joining the terrorist group ISIS. He lived there for almost two years. His ID card shows that he was a Pakistani national citizen. This shows the inefficiency of authorities that how somebody can easily leave the country without investigation and proper check. Other terrorist organizations have also claimed for this attack, but allegedly the attack is done by LEJ and ISIS, both are affiliated with each other.

This is dangerous for our country that how ISIS (DA’ESH) organizations are active in our country and use our youth to do these filthy acts. The youth of Pakistan must be addressed properly and specifically across the board. They need to be checked and punished if a person is suspected to be involved in something wrong. The transportation of people to Afghanistan needs to be stopped and discontinued for a while to put things in place. Afghanistan has been attracting terrorists for a long time and has been subject to many attacks as well.

Both the Pakistani government and army has worked massively to facilitate the victims of Mastung and they will be helped further, but that’s not the solution. Incidents like these will continue to take place as long as illiteracy prevails. The investigations are actively pursued in different regions of Pakistan. It shall continue to happen across Pakistan as long as people are not educated enough to value life, to discern right from the wrong.

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