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Iran will fight terrorism with Muslim countries; President Rouhani

TEHRAN: On Sunday, President of Iran Hassan Rouhani swore to protect Muslim countries against radicalism and Israel while maintaining that its neighbours should not feel endangered.

Talking during a National Army Day parade in which Iranian forces showed classy air defines systems newly attained from Russia, Rouhani acclaimed Tehran’s role in serving the Syrian and Iraqi managements reel back the Islamic State group.

“If tomorrow your capitals face danger from terrorism or Zionism, the power that will give you a positive answer is the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said.

Hassan Rouhani also stated that Iran would only help if Muslim nations asked it to, and said its armed control was virginally for self-justifying and preventive drives.

“The power of our armed forces is not against our southern, northern, eastern and western neighbors,” he said.

It seemed as if Rouhai was revealing to Gulf Arab states, which have widespread observed Iran as looking for to control the region. Saudi Arabia and Iran are long-time competitors that back conflicting sides in the Syrian and Yemeni civil wars.

“The enemy sets up a network within a nation and inside a country mainly through the two means of money and sexual attractions to change ideals, beliefs and consequently the lifestyle,”

Throughout the procession, the army showed Russian-made S-300 air defence arms transported previously this month.

In 2010, Russia held a contract to stock the urbane schemes to Iran, connecting the result to U.N. authorizations. President Vladimir Putin elevated the postponement last year subsequent Iran’s deal with six world influences that restricted its nuclear program in discussion for reprieve from global approvals.

The United States and Israel have uttered apprehension over the missile systems, dreading they could saddened the regional poise of military power.

Iran also showed tanks, light submarines, short-range missiles and other weapons.