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Iran to send its Warships to Oman after the Gulf dispute

Iran is expected to conduct a mission in the international waters, near the coast of Yemen, but before doing do Iran is sending two of its warships to Oman.

It was reported that an Alborz destroyer and a Bushehr logistics warships are to depart from the port of Bandar Abbas city on Sunday. First, the ships will arrive at Oman for the overseas mission and then will head to international waters.

The Irani Navy made a statement saying. “An Iranian naval flotilla will depart to Oman on Sunday and then will go to the north of the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.”

The purpose of this mission is aimed towards the crisis that the Gulf faces. The crises rose after Saudi Arabia along with other countries accused Qatar of having ties with terrorist rings and completely cut all ties with Qatar.

However, the Qatari government denied all accusations and said that Qatar has been involved in activities those are to irradicate the terrorist organizations not help them. Qatar’s government also said that it has been providing the Syrian refugees with jobs and education.

The government said, “Our position on countering terrorism is stronger than many of the signatories of the joint statement – a fact that has been conveniently ignored by the authors.”