Iran reveals a new underground missile depository

TEHRAN: On Tuesday, Iran revealed a new underground missile depository with state TV which showed Emad precision-guided missiles in stock up which the United States stated could take a nuclear weapon and breach the 2010 UN Security Council Resolution.

The move is considered rebellious by experts as it causes to expose Iran’s missile program which has always deemed confident to displease the United States. US has always planned to dismantle almost all sanctions on Iran underneath a breach to the nuclear agreement.

It has been stated by Tasnim, which is a news agency and state television video that the underground facility is located in the mountains and run by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. It was launched by the narrator of the parliament named Ali Larijani.

According to the terms and conditions to Iran, it has put up with the main terms and conditions of the nuclear deal. The terms and condition required Iran to give up matter that world powers have in fear would be used to make the destructive weapon and recognize other constraint on its nuclear agenda.

Earlier in October 2015, the short one minute video was released following footage of another underground missile depot.

In October 2015, Iran tested the missile Emad to which the United States reacted by saying that the Emad would be proficient enough to carry a nuclear warhead. According to the US officials, the US is going to counter the Emad tests with unsullied sanction and endorsements against the Iranian government and industry in association to the program.

On the other hand, President Hassan Rouhani ordered his defense minister previous week to enlarge the missile agenda.

The show off of the missile accomplishments of Iran comes as a threat to the United States of America and President of US Barrack Obama and its administration has schemed to take apart almost all global sanctions against Iran under the nuclear deal reached in July.

The Iranian missiles underneath progress possess much improved exactness over the modern production. According to experts, they state that it is expected to advance their efficacy with conventional warheads.

The Revolutionary Guards’ second-in-command, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, said last Friday that Iran’s depots and underground facilities are so full that they do not know how to store their new missiles.