Iran nuclear deal ‘satisfies everyone except extremists’

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said ‘a landmark nuclear deal has satisfied all parties except extremists’.

Hassan Rouhani added: In the deal, all are happy except Zionists, warmongers, sowers of discord among Islamic nations and extremists in the US. The rest are happy.

He also mentioned that the deal lifts economic powers in exchange for a limitation of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, “opened new windows for engagement with the world”.

Irani president is very strong supporter of agreement and he sent out a tweet calling it a “glorious victory”  on 16 January in the time when the speeches in Vienna were on board.

Rouhani said that the deal was a ‘triumph’ for all parties and all ‘factions’ inside Iran.

He signaled toward United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Russia, Germany and China saying, “Nobody has been defeated in the deal, neither inside the country nor the countries that were negotiating with us”.

In the time, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel would remain alert to assure that Iran would not violate its commitments.

Netanyahu added his strong opposition towards the deal while speaking to his weekly Cabinet meeting, “The Israel policy remains as it was – not to allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon.”

Israeli PM Netanyahu showed annoyance over Obama administration last year by speaking in front of the US Congress trying to prevent the agreement. On 17 January, he said that deal will ‘strengthen and embolden Tehran’, leading to regional instability.

He added: What is clear is that Iran will now have more resources to dedicate to their terrorism and aggression in the region and in the world, and Israel is prepared to deal with any threat.

Rouhani told that Iran must use the anticipated influx of money and inputs by the end of sanctions to enhance the “economic mutation” of country, promoting jobs and improving the quality-of-life for Iranian citizens. Iran has been facing double-digit inflation and a huge mass of unemployement in for the past few years.

He also said that Iran now needs political tranquility to get the benefit from new economic reality, “All should prevent any domestic and foreign trivialities that thwart us”.

Any irrelevant and diverting dispute is against national expedience, he added.

Iranian President Rouhani said that Iran basically needs up to 50 billion dollars in foreign investment per year in order to approach its destination of 8 per cent annual financial growth.

Over 30 billion dollars in assets abroad will be made available to Iran. Official Iranian reports set the overall amount of seized Iranian assets overseas at 100 billion dollars.