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Iran in Discussion with Russia on Sales of Heavy Water

Fars news agency quoted the Iran’s deputy foreign minister as saying, Iran’s conducting talks with Russia to sell it around 40 tonnes of the heavy water from its nuclear program,

Under the last year’s landmark nuclear arrangement between Iran & world powers, Tehran is accountable to reduce its stock of the heavy water that is the major component of manufacturing the nuclear weapons &producing the nuclear energy.

It’s not radioactive & the nuclear deal offers Iran the right to dilute, sell or dispose of it under specific conditions.

Iran in Discussion with Russia on Sales of Heavy Water
Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi talks to journalists after meeting senior officials from the United States, Russia, China, Britain, Germany and France.

Late on Sunday, the Fars agency quoted a top nuclear negotiator, Abbas Araqchi as saying that US had been the 1st consumer of the Iranian heavy water & some other world powers, including Russia, which was now showing an interest.

We’re negotiating with Russia to sell 40 tonnes of heavy water,” he said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry then confirmed Moscow that was bearing in mind the purchase.

In Jan, this year Iran removed the core of its Arak heavy water nuclear reactor and had filled it with cement as required under a nuclear deal.

Russia, the United States and China have decided to contribute in the redesign & the building of a renovated reactor.