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iPhone 7 lovers should wait a little bit for something more interesting

Apple launched its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus last September and suffered criticism due to the lack of features but still the selling of 7 was highest in 2016. However, the glory of the iPhone 7 may prove to be short lived.

According to “The Wallstreet Journal”, Apple will be launching a new 10th anniversary edition iPhone which is said to come with major upgrades over the current model later this year.

Report also claimed that new iPhone would have  a curved OLED panel, a first for Apple and an edge-to-edge bezel less display and also 3D sensor enabling facial recognition for security purposes.

What’s more interesting is Apple may also abandon its trademark lightning connector in favour of a USB type C, essentially rendering the cords you use now, to power your phone or listen to music, entirely useless; leaving iPhone 7 users locked into an old format with dwindling support as lightning is an Apple-specific technology.

So the people who are willing to buy iPhone 7, should probably wait for a boring black slab when Apple launches a feature-stuffed new flagship.