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Iowa: A Teenager Shuts Grassley’s Supreme Court Argument

Senator Chuck Grassley, who is the chairperson of Judiciary Committee, yet refuses to give a hearing to Obama’s Supreme Court nominee because Barrack Obama is a lame-duck president.

It is only fair to wait until Nov. elections, said Grassley, & let the succeeding president to fill the vacancy.

“Stated differently: President should let the people decide,” said the Iowa Republican last month on Senate floor.

But a senior at Roosevelt High School, Jake Smith, just blew a hole through the Grassley’s argument. In an open letter that was published on Wednesday in The Des Moines Register, the kid pointed out that by senator’s own logic, he should step down as chairperson too because he is a lame-duck politician himself.

“You, as chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee, carry the significant power in determining who gets to become the next Supreme Court Justice,” wrote Smith. “But senator, since you, too, are in an election year, how can you possess authority to make a decision that will affect the future of our country if ‘the people have not yet spoken?’”

“Following the direction of Republican’s logic, I politely ask you to step aside as chairperson of the Senate Judiciary committee until the elections take place,” Smith added.

A Grassley representative didn’t respond to a request for comment.

“I know he is not going to read this letter from an 18-year-old and say, ‘Oh crap. I’ve to step down now,’” said Smith. “But I am just trying to kind of match his ridiculous statements about this issue with another ridiculous statement.”

Grassley is 1 of 24 GOP senators who is serving the 6th & final year of their term, & most of them echo the line about “letting the people decide” who should pick next Supreme Court justice.

However when asked that why they should be permitted to take the consequential votes as lame-duck senators if President Obama is not allowed to make the consequential appointments. They did not have much to say.

“It is a ridiculous analogy, but I appreciate it,” said Senator Kelly

The real reason why Republicans are blocking the nominee Merrick Garland is that they don’t want Barrack Obama to fill the Supreme Court seat. They would rather hold out until 2017, when a Republican might be in White House. Nevertheless, the GOP may be making the things worse for itself by refuting Garland a vote: Republicans run risk of Trump, naming a wild-card nominee or Hillary Clinton nominating someone far more profuse than President Obama’s moderate pick.