Investigation dept collects evidences & proofs against corrupts at FO

Islamabad, December 12 (Online): The country investigation departments have started collecting evidences and proofs against corrupt mafia that active at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as these elements are causing huge financial damage to the national exchequer in the name of duty-free imports.
Sources stated that the few corrupt officials of ministry deliberately sign more than assigned limit for the foreign diplomats and issued duty free quota beyond the limits for vested interest.
Moreover, delaying tactics were being used in issuing the authorized quota to number of foreign embassies on the basis of liking and disliking. The foreign embassies have reportedly lodged number of complaints against the disobliging attitude of foreign ministry.
According the documents got by “Online” the ministry protocol officials reportedly involved in mega corruption scandal as they allegedly violated the rules and signed over the limits additional documents and paid huge financial damage to the national exchequer. They were also using the delaying in issuing the authorized quota to number of foreign embassies on the basis of personal liking and disliking.
According to the MoFA protocol department rules and regulations, the foreign diplomats have got a limited exemption of duty on various items ratio including liquor, edibles and accessories. The officers of the ministry’s protocol win issued okay order on it.
Sources state that some companies had been importing various items for the embassies the current year. They imported the goods for the embassies of Somalia, Palestine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kenya, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq and Vietnam.
However, these companies are being issued permits for liquor and other goods more than one time to some embassies. The embassies included Korea, Somali and others.
According to the protocol division liquor is allowed to ambassador 60 liters, first secretary 30 liters and second secretary 15 liters. While beer is 360 liters, 240 liters and 180 liters respectively is permitted to diplomats and the edibles goods and other equipments are also assigned to free duty import according to their positions.
The documents available shows that the foreign office officials allowed more than maximum limits quota and that practice paid billion of rupees damage to national exchequer.
Quota beyond the limit issued to different embassies including Afghanistan 12.888MT from January to August, 4.865mt food for Palestine in month of October, 5.645 mt to Iraq in September, Bangladesh 14.4MT in August, Kenya 5.577 MT in September, Somalia 5.99MT and other embassies.
However, the companies included Gulf Pride Intentional, Divine International, Premier Store Management, Eagle Gulf Intentional and others.
Director General protocol Ibrar Hashmi said that extended limits are issued as per the requests/demands of the diplomats. Protocol dept is strictly adopted the measures as stated in the book. The procedure is fully computerized and this thoroughly checked, he added.