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Investigate special initiative projects of coal authority, SC orders

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has raised objections on the management of Sindh Coal Authority (SCA) and ordered to investigate all the special initiative projects.
SC declared that Sindh’s energy department would be dysfunctional without the formation of a functional board.
Justice Amir Hani Muslim headed a three-member bench, which closed a suo moto case regarding the corruption in Sindh Coal Authority (SCA).
Chief Secretary Sindh was ordered by the apex court to investigate and submit a report regarding the projects of SCA worth Rs. 105 billion.
In a 19-page judgment Justice Qazi Faez Isa had remarked: “We are also at a complete loss to understand how a newly-created department, which has no designated business or functions under the Rules of Business (RoB), has no expertise, capacity or experience, will be able to undertake these multifarious projects and schemes.”
The court also said that a project could not be name just adding the prefix ‘coal’ to its name, but the contents of the whole project should also be explained by SCA.
The SC’s verdict stated: “In the absence of a functioning board where all decisions were taken without the authorization of the board, the DG and Energy Secretary become all the more responsible and accountable. A parallel system of government or a government within the government is not visualized by the constitution and the RoB drawn under it.”
The court ordered that all the programs that had been implemented or executed by the SCA should be immediately transferred to the concerning departments of the Sindh government.
The suo moto against the Sindh Coal Authority was taken by the former chief justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali in 2016 upon an anonymous letter to Justice Amir Hani Muslim. Details were given regarding the massive corrupt elements in the provincial energy department.