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Internet went crazy after Taher Shah legendary performance

It’s the best thing you’ll see all week, after, of course, you wipe out tears of laughter. Deep breath…

Now you don’t have to see ‘Eye to Eye’ because you have been blessed by an angel.

Yes, the angel in disguise here is none other than the universe’s gift to Mother Earth, Pakistani singer-entertainer Taher Shah.

Launching his new single late last night, Shah has broken what were called the barriers of ‘acceptable nonsense.’

Dressed immaculately in a purple velvet dress–with just the right number of chest hairs popping out ever so gently–Taher Shah’s new video has him transform into, well, an angel–replete with wingy wings, long hair and tiara, mind you!

With lyrics like “Angel, Angel, I’m an angel. Of the mankind, I’m an angel”, you can’t help but shed a tear or two, for humanity. But why to keep you from all the fun. Here; relish:

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