Intelligence Bureau: Preferential Treatment for the Chosen Ones

Shujaatullah Qureshi, Joint Director General, has been appointed as Director General Intelligence Bureau on daily work basis in a fraudulent manner by hoodwinking the Prime Minister office and the Establishment Division.

It is a fact that he is not the senior most officer serving in IB. Fuad Asadullah JDG, Nafees Macci JDG, Ahmed Latif PSP, JDG and Zulnoren PSP JDG are senior to him. But he managed to get himself posted by criminally twisting the process on basis of so-called Standard Operating Procedures that do not exist.

After removal of Aftab Sultan on 2 April 2018 the post of DG remained vacant for more than a month. Shujaatullah was not given the charge though he was posted in DG Secretariat. Later Dr. Salaman was posted as DGIB.

Dr. Salman served for a month or so and was removed by the caretaker government. Ihsan Ghani PSP, a close relative of a caretaker prime minister, Justice (r) Nasurulmulk was posted as DG IB. He retired on 4th August 2018 and in sheer violation of merit, seniority and rules Shujaatullah Qureshi was appointed DG on daily work basis by the establishment division.

A probe has revealed that Fuad Asadullah JDG, Nafees Macci JDG, and Ahmed Latif PSP JDG were senior to him. However, Ihsan Ghani sent the summary to PM office to appoint Shujaatullah Qureshi on basis of an unknown SOP.

The so-called SOP insinuated that JDG of DG Secretariat will hold the post of DG in absence of a permanent DG. It was a false and fabricated summary to facilitate Shujaatullah Qureshi’s appointment as DG IB. Neither any such SOP existed nor any such practice was ever exercised, told the inside sources. The PM office quietly approved the summary without challenging or verifying the contents of the summary. Establishment division acquiesced to it. The connivance in the conspiracy succeeded. Senior officers are perturbed over this violation of merit and rules and have demanded an inquiry into this fraudulent transaction. They say that the highest office has been deceived and tricked. It is a gross misconduct.

Shujaatullah Qureshi JDG is jealously clinging to a post in DG IB Secretariat, which is basically a BS 19 post, for last ten years. During this period successive DGs were transferred and went on foreign tours but Shujaatullah was never given a charge of DGIB even on acting charge because he was junior and no rule entitled him to hold the charge.

Insiders are of the view that Shujaatullah Qureshi, due to his prolonged stay at the same clerical post has learned all machinations and maneuvering to play with the rules and successive DGs. This time he went too far to twist the non-existent SOPs.

He is also Secretary of IB Housing society for last ten years. Lots of accusations are hurled against him for corrupt practices and bribing the officers and others to keep himself afloat in both posts. It appears that Ihsan Ghani succumbed to his tricks and sent a faulty summary for his appointment, prepared by a junior officer at his behest. Senior officers are unhappy over the underhanded appointment of an officer who lacks field experience and was a close aide of former Principal Secretary to PM, Fawad Hassan Fawad.

Some sources are of the view that principal secretary to caretaker pm, Amir Sohail, who was under the great influence of the former palm Fawad Hassan Fawad, also overlooked the glaring discrepancy in the summary and presented it for approval of the PM.