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Information against PM Nawaz enough to tarnish Pakistan’s image internationally: President SCBA Syed Ali Zafar

President SCBA Syed Ali Zafar in the 18th SCBA’s Executive meeting held in Islamabad discussed the Panama Leak.

In a press statement Mr. Zafar said that the information contained in the leaks was sufficient to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister’s Office internationally and domestically and in these circumstances it was not possible for the Prime minister to continue in office without having his name cleared.

Mr. Zafar also reiterated its earlier offer to mediate in this important national issue when Pakistan’s reputation and public interest is at stake and devise a transparent but effective procedure to have the true facts unearthed but the Government nor the opposition appeared serious about this matter and instead seem to be interested in who to appoint as the Commission while the real issue is how jurisdiction to carry out investigation outside Pakistan to be conferred.

He said that SCBA rejects the Government’s and opposition’s proposal for setting up a commission consisting of existing or retired judges as such like commissions in the past have proved ineffective and powerless to determine the truth. Mr Zafar further said that this was also not a case for exercise of Suo moto jurisdiction as courts are not investigating agencies.

Instead he suggested that SCBA would like to develop a TOR which includes a role for collaboration with the bodies constituted under the UN Convention against Corruption so that there is a guarantee for international cooperation and evidence is properly secured and assets traced.

In the end he said that SCBA is currently also considering various options on how to force the Government to undertake the enquiry.