Indus Water Treaty: Water talks resume today

Islamabad: Two-day water talks between India and Pakistan in accordance with Indus Water Treaty resume on Monday.

For the 113th meeting of Permanent Indus Commission, Indian delegation has already reached Pakistan. Discussions are taking place almost after a period of two years.

Indian Indus Water Commissioner PK Saxena is leading India delegation whereas Pakistan’s Indus Water Commissioner Mirza Asif Baig is leading Pakistan’s side.

The last round of Permanent Indus Commission talks was held in May 2015.

The agenda includes discussions on the design aspects of 1000 megawatt Pakuldul on Chenab, 43 megawatt Lower Kalnai hydro project— on Lower Kalnai Nalla, a tributary of river Chenab and 120 megawatt Miyar, located across Miyar Nalla which is a right bank main tributary of River Chenab.

According to the press statement, the agenda will also cover flood data supply by India and the tour programme of inspection and meetings by Pakistan and India to the sites of their interest in the Indus Basin.

IWT, the pact signed between India and Pakistan, covers six rivers – three of the eastern rivers of Ravi, Beas, Sutlej and the three western rivers of Indus, Jhelum and Chenab.

Current issues were revolving around the building of two hydroelectric projects “Kishanganga,” Neelum River and the “Ratle,” Chenab River. According to Indus Water Treaty, water from these rivers is supposed to be given to Pakistan out of which India is building dams. Not only this, Indian Prime Minister, Naerendra Modi, had also threatened Pakistan to block the flow of water.

Both states have spent long duration in tension regarding IWT but finally agreed over dialogue.