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Indians furious over Delhi’s Diwali fireworks

New Delhi: Furious residents of Indian capitol New Delhi shared images of smog one day after Diwali celebrations, as huge quantities of fireworks set off on Monday.

Levels of pollutants in the air were 30 times the World Health Organization’s recommended level in one’s neighborhood, the report claimed.

Authorities had warned that Delhi faced a polluted Diwali because of factors like humidity and wind speed.

Diwali, the most important Hindu festival in India is celebrated the victory of good over evil.

On Monday morning, visibility across the city was extremely low, thanks to a thick blanket of smog covering the city. Residents were advised to stay indoors.

Levels of tiny particulate matter (known as PM 2.5) that reaches deep into the lungs more than doubled within a few hours on Monday to 750 micrograms per cubic meter in the worst affected parts, India’s Central Pollution Control Board informed.

That is 30 times a mean guideline set by the World Health Organization (WHO) of 25 micrograms per cubic meter on average over a 24-hour period.

Air pollution is also a leading cause of premature death in India, with about 620,000 people dying every year from pollution-related diseases, says the WHO.