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Indian watchman jailed in Dubai for molesting 8-year-old Syrian girl

DUBAI: An Indian watchman in Dubai has been jailed for 6 months for molesting an 8 years old Syrian girl by bringing her into his room and showing an indecent video on phone.

The little girl was playing near the building of her residence when this satan saw her. To complete his luscious desires, he lured the girl into his room and later molested her.

The incident took place in July when girl’s father found out what had happened. He saw his daughter keeping Dh2.25 in her hand which put the father in doubt which later on was assured that the accused had given her.

The charges were made in the Dubai Court of First Instance where the accused C.A. was convicted of molestation of minor girl.

Although the defendant stated that “I did not touch her, I am innocent”.

In a recent ruling, the accused is going to be deported from UAE as soon as his punishment completes.

According to records, the young girl was kissed, fondled and groped by the watchman who did all this after showing her an indecent video on mobile phone.

According to her father, she was downstairs playing and she might have asked his permission to ride her bike there. On my return, I found her disturbed and asked her what had happened? She replied that she has been given Dh2.25 by the watchman who had kissed her on mouth and had taken her to his bedroom.

The father immediately called the police to show the rascal his way.

The girl during court appearance told the prosecutors that the accused asked her to remove her clothes to which she refused. Afterwards, he showed her a film on mobile phone, undressed her and touched her indecently on bed ending up giving me coins after which I left.

I told my father everything when he saw me downstairs, she added.