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Indian soldier found dead after exposing commander’s abuse

A 33 year old Indian soldier who was part of the campaign for exposing commander’s abuse, was found dead hanging in abandoned barracks.

On Thursday Roy Mathew’s dead body was found in the abandoned camp in Deolali region in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

He went missing from his artillery center on February 25, after his video, in which he criticized the British-era “sahayak” or orderly system in the army, went viral on the internet.

In the video, Mathew described how the Indian army officers used him for menial jobs and even taking care of their dogs.

Police has opened a case as “accidental death”but asserted that they are waiting for forensic tests to confirm how he died.

The army denies speculations that Mathew was questioned after the video, calling his death a “very likely” suicide as a result of “guilt factor of letting down his superiors or conveying false impression.”