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Indian extremists do not want Indo-Pak relations to improve: Abdul Basit

NEW DELHI: Radio Pakistan reported that Abdul Basit, Pakistan High Commissioner to India said that extremist elements present in India are opposed to the improvement in their country’s relationship with its neighbor Pakistan.

“These extremist elements had disrupted a scheduled meeting between the heads of the Indian and Pakistani cricket boards,” while speaking during the television program Abdul Basit said.

They statement of Basit came out after the yesterday’s incident from the member of India’s far right political group, where the Shiv Sena stormed the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) headquarters. Just before the incident Shaharyar Khan Chairman of Pakistan Cricket board (PCB), was to meet with the BCCI chief Shashank Manohar for discussing the series between both countries in the December this year.

The protesters demanded to cancel the talks between Indian Cricket board chairmen and his Pakistani counterpart that were scheduled to take place in Mumbai on Monday.

Shiv Sena also attacked Sudheendra Kulkarni, earlier this month, who is the organizer of the former Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s book launch for the event that took place in the Mumbai.

While speaking on the program, Abdul Basit also said that,

“Pakistan wished to hold a dialogue with India over a range of issues, including terrorism and Kashmir.”

The Pakistan’s envoy to India Abdul Basit has also expressed his regretful consents over the rise of violence in the state of Maharashtra and also said that, “the attacks of Hindu extremists on Muslims in India were a cause for concern.”

The state of Maharashtra, where the beef consumption was banned in the month of March this year, and even made the possession of beef illegal, which was a move through which Muslim minorities have suffered and was seen from them as a sign of the growing power of the Hindus Hard liners since the time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come to the power.

The tensions have been on the rise by the ban on the beef in the India despite the call of Modi for the religious harmony as cows are considered to be very sacred for the Hindu’s in the country, and where millions of Muslim minority eat beef as a source of protein because Muslims eat beef and mutton in their daily routines as well as occasionally.

Moreover, Muslims also sacrifice cows and goats on their religious occasions in the name of Allah.

Since the Narendra Modi have come to the power, commentators have also warned of an emboldening of the Hindu hard liners since the Modi era, while there has been increasing numbers of violence against Muslims and the increasing number of campaigns against the Muslims minority present in India. Whereas, India has shown no flexibility for any sort of soft corner for the Muslims.