Indian extremist parliamentarian asks to cremate Muslims

Burial is a funeral ritual of placing dead body or corpse in a ground which is observed by followers of several religions, including Muslims; whereas Cremation is an act to dispose of a dead body by burning it to ashes. Cremation is a practice done by Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists.

Indian Bhartiya Janta Party parliamentarian in the end of February raised his voice against construction of graveyard and burying Muslim; said, “There is no tradition of constructing graveyards in Islamic countries across the globe; corpses are cremated.”

Sakshi Mahraj while commenting on Indian Prime Minister Narindra Modi’s statement about constructing graveyards and crematoriums side by side; said, he don’t agree with the prime minister’s statement and thought that there is no need of construct graveyards at all. Mahraj while adding said, “all should be cremated; no need to bury anyone.”

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Maharaj may lacks knowledge, eyesight and so as travelling; that’s why he never knew about graveyards not only around Muslim countries but all around the world. The history of burying the dead is not just 1400-years old but the Abel; but it is narrated that the first man killed was also being buried.

Burial is narrated as the oldest ritual to dispose of human corpse; some 100,000 years old; major Abrahmic religions, which also make the largest population,Judaism, Christianity, and Islam use the tradition of burial.

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But the firebrand Sakshi Maharaj forgot all while showing his hate about Muslims and Islam. The parliamentarian of the world’s “largest democracy” used to hurt right of minorities; especially he has strong reservations over Muslims, their traditions and rights.

His desire to unite all religions’ followers took him to a stupid ridiculous idea to put all cremation ground; as he himself knows that he, his party and state will never allow minorities to compare Hindus’ rights till they would be alive. But the idea does not seem to take acceptance among different small classes as it also contradicts their basic rights.

Abrahamic Religions

The fire to play politics on funeral did not reach this peak by itself but the flame was provided to it by Indian controversial and extremist Prime Minister Narednra Modi who initiated dirty politics on graveyards in election campaign at Uttar Pardesh.

Modi said: “If you create graveyard in a village, then beside with it, a cremation ground should also be created.”

He also tried to rise communal riots, as his habit, and said that Muslims are being provided uninterrupted electricity in Ramadan, but discrimination is created with Hindus as electricity cuts out on Dewali. If one puts deep glance over the simple statement targeting his political rivals, the objective of Modi becomes clear who made an effort to escalate uproar.

Hindu nationalist organization and Indian ruling politicial party BJP, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is used to create myths among Hindus that they are badly discriminated in India; Muslims are trying to suppress them, gaining more rights in the state.

What other can be expected from political children of an organization which claims to eliminate Muslims from India till 2021. Modi, Sakshi and other Hindu extremists always instigate Hindu Muslim riots in India which killed scores.

Ahmedabad, Gujrat riots of 2002 shows black face of Modi and his party in which over twenty five hundred were killed, many children were burnt alive; many women were being raped and widespread looting and destruction of property was happened under the full patron of Gujrat government.

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In 2013, BJP leaders were also accused to provoke violence between Hindu and Muslims which also killed fifty Muslims, twenty Hindus and left many injured. Disturbing statements were launched by Janta Party’s politicians just some months before elections.

Those who never felt shame on massacre can easily pass such blunt remarks to play with others emotions. It would be not astonishing if elements like Maharaj also said to draft a law bounding all to die as Hindu so that every one would go in same “Swarg” or “Nark”.