Indian Army Officer’s Affidavit Alleging his Unit of Fake Encounters and Extortion

Terrorism proposed by authorities

Lieutenant Colonel, Dharamvir Singh, claimed that an army group is involved in fake encounters, abductions, and killing of people. He handed over the affidavit to court along with Habeas corpus petition filed by his wife, which claims that her husband was imprisoned wrongfully. The court had ordered the army to give counter affidavit before 1 August 2018.

The affidavit claimed that Dharamvir was taken away from his quarters in Imphal by  Lieutenant Colonel, Nanda, Major Rathore and armed jawans and taken over to house arrest on 1st July until he got released after five days by the court. Indian army has denied this claim of Singh, and further told that Singh was being indicted for no good reason. It is such a bewildering news, people who are supposed to protect the country are involved in crime themselves.

He claimed in his affidavit that he got a victim of army group organized by senior officers, they became vengeful after he exposed their wrongdoings. He furthermore mentioned that he wrote a letter on September 6th, 2016 about the fake encounters and killing of young boys in Manipur, who was picked from Dimapur in Nagaland and murdered in Rangapahar cantonment. He dismissed this letter after getting pressure and threats from the authorities above him.

It also talks about some other abduction and murder cases such as the murder of three youths in Manipur named as Phijam Naobi, RK Ronnel, Th. Prem. Their bodies were found dead. St. Dominic student Satish and his friend got abducted and brutally murdered. Also, militant G Jiteshwar Sharma alias Gypsy and a friend were picked up from Dimapur and killed. The same was involved in the kidnapping of a woman and a child from Dimapur and taking ransom of 1 crore rupees and leaving them.

Dharamvir further said that he and his family are getting serious life threats.