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Indian Actress Richa Chadda answers on behalf of Fawad Khan!

Fawad Khan and Richa Chadha are as of now in Australia attending the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. As of late, while communicating with the media, Fawad, who has worked in both the Pakistani and Indian film industry, was purportedly gotten some information about social inconsistency between the two.

Be that as it may, before Fawad could start noting the inquiry, actress Richa Chadha chose to answer the inquiry for the performing artist’s behalf. The two were addressing the media at a public interview held at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.

When the journalist asked Fawad the question: “My question is to Mr. Fawad Khan. You’re representing a country and culture which much different from your own”, then suddenly somebody hinders to say, ‘I don’t understand the question. How is the culture contradicting?’

The journalist proceeds with her question, ‘In all senses, especially Bollywood, may be the on screen romance or the kissing scenes or the cultures we have or the way India has adopted westernization. Because I have a lot of Pakistani friends and when I speak to them, I get the sense that the two countries are different and Pakistan is a lot different from India’.

Before Fawad answers, the indian actress Richa takes the query on his behalf and states, ‘I would like to answer that. Sorry i am cutting in. You know we were colonised by the British for a really long time. It’s a part of the… I am sorry if I am offending anybody here, but if you look at worldwide history every time the British left an empire they divided it. Whether it was North Korea or South Korea then there was Germany. It is a part of the strategy to keep political unrest to sort off maintain a global kind of, I am sorry but your question to me doesn’t make sense because I will have far more in common with Fawad because I am from the North of India than i will have with somebody who is a Tambrahm or maybe Malyaali or from the North east. I think we should avoid stereotyping in questions or creating some kind of contradiction here because the whole intent and especially art does really have any borders’.

After that Fawad further proceeded to answer the journalist that, ‘I think that the transition you are talking about it again has a lot to do with the silence and the wildpack generally if it goes with the trend which is now globally changing. Television has always been about ……. It is even soverign in India you will feel that the onscreen intimacy in Indian films is very different or performaces or expressions are different from what they are on Indian Television. So coming back to the same thing. I think that Pakistani television has always been on the forefront and is something that is available to the Pakistanis and all the Pakistanis around the world have similar expressions and follow a certain criteria a small part of the audiences is coming to the cinemas India is very big and there is a very big population and more or less the television ads might not be correct in the Pakistani cities. But to cater to the sensibilities that you are wanting to bring to the cinema you have to accept a little curve for them and I believe that the cinema they have copied from anywhere in the world and in India as well I think that’s it’s just a natural cycle that Pakistani cinema is also coming from. You can comment on it further dealing another thing but right now it is in a baseless shape’.

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