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India National Uzma Allowed to Return Back India

Uzma, the national of India returned to her home after the permission by the Islamabad High Court. She claimed that she had been forced at gunpoint to marry a Pakistan man.

Sushma Swaraj, Indian External Affairs Minister wrote on Twitter to welcome her. She said, “Welcome home India’s daughter. I am sorry for all that you have gone through”.

Indian Dy High Commissioner JP Singh took her to Wahga Border crossing with strict security.

Uzma had filed a petition in Islamabad High Court to go back India. She said that she had a daughter from her previous marriage who is a thalassemia patient and she wants to look her.

The events leading up to Uzma’s repatriation

Tahir Ali was a taxi driver in a Malaysia and Uzma met him in Malaysia nearly eight months ago.

Ali’s father sponsored a visa for her to come to Pakistan and then they two contracted a court marriage on May 3 in Buner, after two days of Uzma’s arrival.

After their marriage, Uzma told all story to her brother in Delhi. He asked her to come to India for their honeymoon and also told the name of a person Adnan in India embassy who would be able to help them for the visa, Ali said.

“At the Indian embassy window, she asked about Adnan. A while later, a man came out and took her inside through gate number six. I waited and waited, and then at 7 pm, I asked at the embassy gate if my wife was inside. They told me no one was inside,” Ali claimed.

It is later revealed that she tried to refuge in India High Commission and requested to go back to India.

Uzma told that Ali forced her at gunpoint to get married and later made her to physical and sexual abuse. She also told that Ali took away her documents.

Uzma and Ali both filed petitions in the IHC. Uzma requested to go back to India while the Ali wanted to meet her wife.

In the hearing of IHC on Wednesday, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani permitted Uzma to go back and the Ali request to meet her was declined.

The court asked from Uzma that whether she wants to meet Ali but she refused. Over this IHC observed that the court can’t force them to live together.