‘India is illegally occupying Kashmir’: JNU professor

NEW DELHI: A new video has appeared screening a professor of JNU university stating that Kashmir is not a part of India and that hovering of pro-independence mottos by Kashmiris is right.

Everyone knows that India is illegally occupying Kashmir. Everybody accepts (it), Prof Nivedita Menon is seen in the video clip as telling a gathering of JNU students on Feb 22.

The arrests triggered widespread outrage among students and teachers and drew severe criticism from opposition parties.

The maps of India in foreign publications like Time and Newsweek show a different map of Kashmir. These copies of the magazines always create a lot of controversy and are censored and destroyed, Prof Menon says in the video.

When the whole world is talking about India’s illegal occupation of Kashmir, then we should think that pro-azaadi slogans in the valley are justified.

The lecturer is a teacher at the Centre for Comparative Politics and Political Theory at the School of International Studies in JNU. The video of her speech was uploaded on YouTube on Feb 27.

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s student wing ABVP has condemned Prof Menon’s statement.

The student wing has passed a determination to be moved before JNUSU, dooming such statements. “We promise to vote in favour of it (the resolution),” the ABVP said.