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India in talks with US to purchase Predator drones

New Delhi: India is in talks with the United States to buy 40 Predator surveillance drones.

This is going to be the first step towards obtaining the armed version of aircraft.

According to reports, India is taking this step to equip its military with more unmanned technologies. New Delhi wants to protect the vast land borders that India shares with Pakistan and China. Indian military also plans to keep a closer eye on the Indian Ocean.

India has already got surveillance drones from Israel which they will be using to monitor the mountains of Kashmir.

New Delhi has asked Washington for the Predator series of unmanned planes built by privately-held General Atomics, US military officials said.

Media reports suggests that Washington wants India to sign a set of agreements so as to operate together which includes deciding the use of each other’s military bases. PM Modi has shown his willingness to go ahead with the proposed pacts.