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India doesn’t believe art knows no boundaries: report by Tariq Masood


Lahore: A secret meeting was held among Indian Maharashtra province chief minster, Indian extremists group MNS’ chief Raj Thackeray and Indian film traders’ association president Mukesh Bhatt, in which it was decided that entry of Pakistani artistes, singers, actors and actresses into Bollywood would be banned forever.


The secret meeting among three stake holders continued for an hour, which was also attended by renowned film director Karan Johar.

It was also decided in the meeting that those producers who opted for Pakistani actors and actress in their current movies, each will submit 5 crore rupees in Indian Army Welfare Fund.

Meanwhile in the meeting it was also announced that Indian film producers will provide a written agreement that they would never cast a Pakistani citizen in their movies.

Separately, Karan Johar was ordered to pay tribute to Indian soldiers in his forthcoming movie, who lost their lives in battling with Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention here that MNS chief Bal Thackeray announced the withdrawal policy of Pakistani artistes from Bollywood on the basis of Uri attack.