India Claims Another ‘Pakistani Spy Pigeon’ , Arrested

By Atiya Riffat

Indian police guaranteed on Monday that they have grabbed another Pakistani ‘spy pigeon’ close Indo-Pak international fringe.

India police said on Monday it will have x-rayed a pigeon it suspects was spying for Pakistan to discount the chance of any coded messages.

As indicated by Times of India, police in Ajnala town of Amritsar locale will have the bird inspected to learn it doesn’t have a small spying object implanted to its body.

The report went ahead to include that the passing on of coded messages through the bird is definitely not an uncommon happening on the Punjab side of the boarder.

This isn’t the first run through India has associated pigeons with being utilized from the opposite side of the fringe for spying purposes.

In February 2017, the country guaranteed to have gotten a “spy pigeon” it said originated from Pakistan. The authorities later asserted it got away to Pakistan because of police carelessness.

In May 2016 from Pathankot, Indian specialists stated to got another pigeon conveying a stamped message in Urdu.

In October the Indian police clipped the wings of a pigeon they have gotten from Bamial town to limit it from “getting away”.