India agrees to halt work on Miyar hydroelectric plant

Islamabad: Indian Indus Water Commissioner PK Saxena agreed to halt progress on Miyar hydroelectric project until the new design.

The delegation accepted Pakistan’s reservations on the project during the second day of talks on Indus Water Commission in Islamabad.

Pakistan’s Indus Water Commissioner Mirza Asif Baig said that India will create and share new design of the project. He added, “India agreed to review the design for the disputed Lower Kalnai hydroelectric project.”

Pakistan has also demanded the designs of Salal hydroelectric power project and Baglihar dam.

Pakistan also expressed its reservations on Pakal Dul Dam which would be responded later.

The two-day meeting on Indus Water Commission has been concluded on Tuesday afternoon. The next session is expected to be held in New Delhi within three months.

Talks on several disputed projects including Miyar, Lower Kalnai, and Pakal Dul were on the agenda of the two-day meeting held between Pakistani officials and 10-member Indian delegation.

On Monday, Khawaja Asif the Minister of Water and Power welcomed the Indian delegation. He said: “We are hopeful of a positive outcome from the resolution of the water dispute.”

“Discussions on the Ratle hydro projects on Jhelum and Chenab rivers will start in Washington next month,” said Asif.