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India a terrorist country, Mishaal Malik says

Islamabad: Mishaal Hussain Malik, the wife of Yaseen Malik, has said that India is a terrorist state and doing terrorism in Kashmir Valley for many decades.

She was holding a press conference on Saturday at Islamabad. Mishaal Malik informed the media that India has warned to block Pakistani share of water violating the Indus Water Treaty.

She asked the question how India could block Pakistan’s share of water under Indus Water Treaty. If India blocks Pakistani water, the Kashmir Valley and Indian Punjab would likely to suffer floods.

She went on to say that with Burhan Wani’s martyrdom the intensity of movement has been mounted because the Kashmiri people are fighting for their cause of separation from India with their internal faiths.

“Being wife of Yaseen Malik, I appeal to UN’s secretary General Ban-ki Moon to take action against Indian atrocities inside the Kashmir Valley”, she maintained.

She asserted that she had also written a letter to Ban-ki Moon as well.

Mishaal said that after the incident of 9/11, everyone on the globe is talking about terrorism and wants to eradicate it. She added that if someone wants to eradicate terrorism from the face of the Earth, he must know that its roots are in India.

The Indian army has made Yaseen Malik hostage and he was arrested on political bases. Yaseen Malik has been captured on false accusations and has been put in a very confined cell, which is affecting his health badly, she asserted.

His kidneys have been affected because of non-availability of pure water, she claimed adding that the Kashmir cause is being projected in US newspapers as a regional cause which is not correct. She added that his husband’s heart valve is not working properly and no one is allowed to meet him in custody.

She expressed her feelings about Kashmiri people and claimed that the Indian armed forces have halted the medicine supply in Indian held Kashmir, which is against the norms of the basic human rights.