In West, Sanders Hopes to Score Wins

3 states held the Democratic presidential nominating contests on Saturday where Clinton tried to expand her lead in contest to ensure her party’s nomination.

Sanders is hopeful that he’d pick up the wins in Alaska, Hawaii & Washington. While the few public polls are available, all 3 contests on Saturday are conducted with caucuses, an arrangement that has favoured the Vermont senator.

As he struggles to continue being competitive, western states have become must-win for Bernie Sanders, who lost by a large margins in the earlier contests in South.

Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders are challenging to represent the Democratic Party in November 8 presidential election.

No states are holding the Republican nominating contests today, a race where Trump holds a lead over remaining rivals United States Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and John Kaisch, the Ohio Governor

Hillary Clinton holds a sizeable lead in delegates’ race against Bernie Sanders. Clinton won 1,223 as compared to Bernie Sanders’ 920. Despite the need to win about 2/3rd of the remaining delegates, Bernie Sanders pledged to stay in race until the July convention in Philadelphia.

The latest poll shows that Sanders & Clinton are virtually tied nationally.

Clinton has 47% of the Democratic vote, while barely edging out Bernie Sanders at 46%. The poll that was conducted last week had surveyed 1,249 likely voters. It is a credibility interval of 3.2% points.

Sanders has been campaigning aggressively in Washington, where demographics & the format favour him. Bernie Sanders has done better in heavily white states & those that hold caucuses.

“What this campaign is about isn’t just a corrupt campaign finance system, it is a rigged economy,” told Sanders to crowd in Vancouver, Washington.

Hillary Clinton continued to campaign despite her delegate lead.

“We’re on the path to the nomination & I want Washington to be part of how we get there,” said Hillary Clinton on Tuesday to a crowd in Everett.

‘‘…It is important to show up at this caucus on Saturday,” she added.