Imran’s Wife Bushra Bibi Reconciles Disgruntled Female Workers

Imran Khan’s wife persuades PTI women to end protest against ‘unjustified’ award of tickets

As indicated by sources, Bushra Maneka personally met the displeased party ladies and described to them, the “stories of Imran Khan’s battle” which drove them to end their protest and resolutely run the party’s election campaign for selected candidates.

PTI women workers speak to media after meeting party chairman Imran Khan and his wife in Lahore.

Party pioneer, Fatima Usman, told after listening the speech of Bushra Bibi, she burst into tears and now has chosen to run the campaign of party “regardless of whether she gets the ticket or not”.

“Bushra Bibi is such a kind lady to the point that her address brought tears into our eyes,” said Fatima Usman, a PTI member.

Sadia Sohail, another PTI pioneer, said that the ladies have finished their protest and rather congratulated Imran Khan for setting foot in his new house in Lahore.

PTI women workers were arranging the protest over conveyance of tickets for Punjab Assembly voting public PP-65 Mandi Bahauddin and PP-14 Rawalpindi.

Dr Zarqa, another worker show outside Khan’s home, pledged to completely lead her party’s campaign for the upcoming elections.

In his reaction, Khan said the issue of election tickets would be settled by Saturday.

He said that he would express gratitude toward Almighty Allah once this issued was settled.