Imran seriously thinking for mid-term election

Islamabad, December 05 (Online): Prime Minister Imran Khan is seriously thinking for mid-term election by showing excellent performance during one year time period.
PM is thinking this because his party has little majority in the lower house of the parliament and has less seats in upper house. Prime Minister Imran Khan had recently hinted at early general election in the country.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has already expressed frustration over the presence of ineffective legislation against white-collar crimes.
Prime Minister wants to give more powers to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for uprooting the corruption from the country; however his party thin position in the parliament is the main obstacle in fulfilling his aspirations.
Premier wants to give exemplary punishments to those who committed money-laundering and for this purpose he could issue a limited period ordinance but he can’t make a permanent legislation on this issue because of party position in the parliament.
The facts of PM mid-term election are slowly opening. A government personality told that legal experts of the party made it clear to Prime Minister owing the simple majority he can only take cover of ordinance and time period of any such ordinance is limited to four months. However, after completion of four month time period government could extend its implementation for further four months.
Now, according to the party manifesto PTI wants to take severe action against corrupt mafia through ordinance and restore government writ. Through this action they want to restore the people confidence.
On one side PTI leadership is making planning to make the party performance better and on the other side they are thinking to present unobjectionable evidences and proofs against PML-N and PPP leadership to courts through NAB so that party go for mid-term election.
According to the government personality PM is willing to fix a one year time period for ministers performance just like a he earlier announced 100 days performance. The Ministry of law and justice will announce ordinance according to the PM wish for instant relief. According to PM planning ministry of law and justice is considering more than one dozen laws in order provide speedy justice to people.
Prime Minister two third majority dreams could be fulfilled if his government show fifty percent performance and officers of FIA and NAB present unobjectionable evidences and proofs against PML-N and PPP leadership to courts. It is essential for PM that he should control inflation and proved that his recently visit to different countries not only bring dollars but also investment.