PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, Visits Famous Journalist and Anchorperson, Mubasher Lucman

Today, PTI Chief, Imran Khan, along with Aleem Khan visited famous anchorperson and leading investigative journalist, Mubasher Lucman, to pay his respect and to offer prayers for Lucman’s mother who passed away last year.

PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, was greeted by a group of journalists from various private channels as he was leaving Lucman’s place. Khan reflected on the decision taken by Supreme Court on the disqualification of former PM, Nawaz Sharif, from party leadership, in conversation with the journalists.

It is also important to note here that, the famous anchorperson and the country’s leading investigative journalist Mubasher Lucman, lately in his program Khara Sach, exposed the PTI’s opposition leader of the house, Mian Mahmud-ur-Rasheed.

Famous anchorperson, Mubasher Lucman, was highly critical of PTI leader from Punjab, Mian Mahmud-ur-Rasheed.  He came up with irrefutable evidences in his program aired on 19 February 2018 about the financial embezzlement of Punjab government which PTI’s opposition leader either failed to pin point or was an accomplice by providing the culprits a safe passage.

In his program, Khara Sach, Lucman claimed that he had been a voter and a supporter of PTI for long, but couldn’t afford to tolerate the misconduct or criminal negligence of PTI in this case.

Lucman is a journalist of incredible repute whose journalism stands for authenticity and accuracy. In the same fashion, Lucman provided ironclad evidences of Mian Mahmud-ur-Rasheed’s financial embezzlement in collaboration with PML-N (Punjab), despite the oft-repeated reminders of Auditor General of Pakistan for the ongoing corruption.

Lucman is held in high esteem among Pakistani as well as International journalistic communities for his unflinching resolve to uphold the banner of truth against all odds.

For details, watch the following program: