Imran Khan & Mubasher Lucman Paid Homage to Mastung-Attack Victims in Baluchistan

Undeterred by high-security threats

While we are sitting in our cozy couches tweeting our regrets, condolences, condemning the attack, and mourning the loss of 185 or more, some people went all the way to Mastung to be with the mourners. In defiance of high-security threats, Imran Khan and Mubasher Lucman shared the tears, the incogitable pain, and the unfathomable vacuum which Mastung victims and their families are experiencing at the moment.

We were still not out of the APS trauma, which took the lives of 149 people including 132 schoolchildren of varying ages, terrorists punched the clock once again. This time harder. APS was the world’s fourth deadliest school massacre. As always, this was Pakistan’s army (Special Services Group) SSG, which killed 6 terrorists, and rescued 960 people.

Mastung tragedy is the worst in the history of Pakistan with the death toll of nearly 200 innocent lives. 

Owing to the corrupt politicians who had their own agendas never responded to the National Action Plan with sincerity, despite having an unconditional support from all parties. The National Action Plan has been down the tubes due to the delinquency of the last government. It is time that we stand united, as a nation, to avoid such national tragedies in the future.

There are those anti-Pakistan and anti-army journalists who, in their intellectual littleness, called the larger than life sacrifice of  Nawabzada Siraj Raisani as hyper-nationalism. The same group who was hinted at by the DG, ISPR, in his press conference a few weeks ago.

If Raisani succumbed to his hypernationalism instead of his fatal wounds, then the entire army is hyper-nationalist, and proudly so, all of us are.  And so is Mubasher Lucman and Imran Khan.

I cried today, little because of the carnage and more due to the strength which Raisani’s young son showed. The mother in me was shaken to the bones when I saw that young boy, Raisani’s son, talking so bravely to Mubasher Lucman.  He was resolute, he was firm, a brave big boy who lost a brother, a father, and still picked up the courage to express his unshaken love for Pakistan.

Martyred Siraj Raisani’s Son in Conversation with Pakistan’s leading anchorperson, and one of the finest human beings in the media industry.

Those who are castigating Imran Khan for being political in this terrible moment of loss, they are doing a disservice to the cause of which Raisani gave up his precious life for. The narrative was of “#neglectedBaluchistan” on social media, till the time Imran Khan, PTI Chief, and Mubasher Lucman did not visit Baluchistan. But now they are developing another narrative of “political Imran Khan in this moment of loss.” Let me assure you that Khan, in the face of high-security threats, visited Raisanis and Mastung out of human compassion, and not to appease anyone-the same compassion with which Shaukat Khanum was realized.

Dear apolitical, enlightened, and liberal souls out there, instead of wasting your energies on Khan, martyred Raisani or on Lucman, do a number on Avenfieldfield Reference Case, submission of forged documents, and, at least, on those who invited Modi in their family weddings or on those who are celebrating the carnage in India despite numerous efforts of modern and liberal pockets of Pakistan. It would leave a better taste in your mouth.

Neither you killed those six terrorists of APS massacre, nor you helped anyone in Mastung. So let’s not come up with fly-by-night theories regarding army or other institutions of Pakistan.

Yes, Mastung is bleeding and so is entire Pakistan, but we shall come out of it to your disappointment. We shall serve this land the way Raisani served. We shall continue to love army the way Raisani did.

Mastung-attack victims need donations, blood, physical help, and much more to come out of it alive. And more power to Imran Khan, Mubasher Lucman and the victims of Mastung to cope with this national tragedy. Words are too little to soak up the blood, tears, and pain of your loved ones.

Imran Khan, Mubasher Lucman and BAP Officials
Imran Khan & Mubasher Lucman
Offering Fatiha

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