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Imam Hussain: 3 phase strategy

Imam Hussain the waris e Islam, made three phase strategy to protect Islam from Yazidiet which had declared Islam void (nauz billa).

Phase-1. After refusing bait-e-yazid, he decided to leave Madinah on 28 Rajab in Broad daylight along with his family members and children. He travlled to Makkah through  known populated route and kept informing every one possible, about the ills of Yazid & Imam’s own intentions of not submitting to Yazid’s demand of  bait. In  Makkah’s stay of just over four months, he met various tribes, wrote letters exposing Yazid and dangers to Islam. Scared of Imam’s strategy Yazid sent people to kill Imam during Haj.To avoid blood shed in Haram Iman decide to leave Makka, on 08 Zil Haj, for Karbala. During travel from Makka to Karbala, he kept exposing Yazediet and making it clear not to submit to evil. By doing this for almost six months the Imam had exposed yazid and dangers to survival of Islam, to almost the entire Arabia – This six month stage can be called ‘ EXPOSURE of YAZiD & His Own intentions to SAVE Islam.

PHASE -2. This was a single day prong on 10th  Muharam. Yazid getting scared of Imam’s strategy of exposing the evil ORDERED encirclement of the Imam’s entourage and stopped food and water supply. Having unmoved with the threat of almost 40K army Imam along with 72 companions & ladies/children showed utmost resolve & determination challeged the might of evil. (Truth is mightier than the might- Imam Hussain). The sacrifices of 10th Muharram do not have a parallel in the history of mankind where each of the Imam’s soldiers (ages from 6 months upwards), wanted to take lead to DEATH,

PHASE-3 It started from Shaam e Garriban and was lead by Zainab the daughter of Ali & Fatima (AS) & grand daughter of The Prophet. Having been taken prisoners the entourage was taken to Damascus through many populated cities, a distance 1445 miles on bare back of camels. Through out this travel Hazrat Zainab delivered speeches highlighting the evil spread by Bani umayad and defended Islam and its philosophy.
This was a jaloos that travelled 1445  miles where Zainab AS and Imam Zain ul Abideen highlighted the supreme sacrifice to save Islam. .

“Sar dad na dad dast dar dast e Yazid
Haq a Kay Bina e La Illah ast hussain”