IHC Expected to Ban Twitter in Pakistan

Twitter is a microblogging site where hundreds and thousands of people connect and share with each other. The sharing and transferring of content make social media a mutual space where you know people from miles away. This site contains celebrities, politicians, singers, authors, common men and even presidents and leaders of countries. Thus the site is broad and the links are joined together. One message reaches thousands of people. Twitter also contains blasphemous content and this enrages and disturbs the Muslim community all around the world.

Many Muslim countries including Syria, Egypt, Iran, Cuba, has banned Twitter. It has been banned in Pakistan as well for few days but now its open again, it has been banned in Eritrea as well. Twitter carried on the protest against Muslims i.e. #muslimban, which was supported by thousands of people and especially the head of them was Donald Trump. Thankfully some people did have some sympathies so they carried on #nonmuslimban, which negated the Muslim ban protest on Twitter. Twitter also supported that.

This protest started when Trump made immigration policies for Muslim people. His evil mind and racist thoughts were disliked and immediately stopped. The problem is that the platform used to create this chaos and discrimination among communities was Twitter. All the negative minded people used it to expose evil ideas, even after the protest stopped, it still continues on some pages or accounts. Evil never finishes away. Thus we still see some traces of that on Twitter. The problem regarding the portal of Twitter is that it has not done anything to clean the accounts with their ongoing blasphemy.

Twitter’s silence regarding such content and negativity of people have infuriated Muslims and thus they won’t stop until the content is removed. Question is that why only the religion of Islam. The West has considered Muslims demon-natured human beings, which will attack them ultimately. No, it is absolutely wrong. The IHC judge Shaukat Aziz Siddique has remarked that I would have ordered to block Twitter right away but the politicians of Pakistan will complain that their political campaigns regarding elections 2018 were affected. Thus not much has happened to block Twitter.

IHC has previously ordered to block such sites containing blasphemous content as well as the sites containing pornographic content. It has ordered Government to check and analyse each and every social media platform in order to provide a safe environment to people.