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If rain interrupts the match today, who will win?

Cardiff: The weather of the place chosen for the semi-final is unpredictable and as such it is not known whether it will rain or not. Due to this situation, a question has been raised, “if showers interupt the match, before or during, what will happen?”

As we know, Pakistan, England, India and Bangladesh manage to make room in the semifinal of the tournament. Consequently the spectators are waiting for when it will be announced who are the two teams qualifying for the final.

Most of the matches of the tournament are ruined by the rain. Some matches end with a draw between teams while some resulted on the point of run rates. This situation of weather is also expecting for the upcoming matches.

If it rains during the semifinal then who will qualify for the final?

If the match between Pakistan and England was to be cancelled due to the weather, the team with higher points overall (England) would be the ones to qualify for the finals. Same goes for the other match; against Bangladesh. India would qualify for the finals, due to their overall points.

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