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ICJ rejects India’s plea in Jadhav case

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has rejected India’s request to delay proceedings for Kubhushan Jadhav’s case until December and ordered India to submit a response by September 13, Attorney General (AG) Ashtar Ausaf Ali said on Thursday.


Speaking to reporters in Islamabad, Attorney General said that the court’s registrar had informed Pakistan through its consulate in Netherlands of the development.

“The ICJ has written a letter to Pakistan informing us of their decision,” the attorney general said.


India had asked the ICJ to offer them time till December to file pleadings in the Jadhav case, however, “the court has dismissed their request,” the AG added.

“India had adopted the stance that the matter was one of life and death, but Pakistan had stated that the ICJ is not a court of appeals.”


The attorney general further pointed out that the world tribunal was supposed to decide on giving the convicted spy consular access. “The ICJ is supposed to conclude whether or not Jadhav can receive consular access, for which a time period of two to three months is more than enough to file a response.”

The ICJ also set December 13 deadline for Pakistan to submit its counter-pleadings in the case.

The court heard the matter in chambers on June 8, wherein the attorney general opposed the Indian request on grounds that New Delhi had one full year to prepare its case and had hurriedly requested for expedited hearing on provisional measures.

They should not be allowed to drag their feet, he said.