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“I was told by everyone that it was dangerous for me to be a Pakistani lesbian in America”, says Fawzia Mirza

Pakistani comic Fawzia Mirza, who is right now shooting her lesbian dramatization ‘Signature Move’ close by veteran performing artist Shabana Azmi, calls herself “a lesbian, Muslim, Pakistani, actress, activist, producer, writer, lawyer and creature of passion,” and regardless of how the world see those labels, she doesn’t see that as a risk.

“I was told by everybody who mattered that it was hazardous for me to be an out-of-the-cost closet lesbian who is a Pakistani in America. In any case, I’ve never played the diversion by the tenets,” she reportedly says.

However as overwhelming that may have been, Fawzia never let dread hinder her objectives. “I needed to be every one of the things that I saw myself being. What’s more, on the off chance that some of my parts made other individuals uncomfortable, so be it. For whatever length of time that I am happy with being a Pakistani lesbian, who is additionally an extremist and a performing artist, I see no explanation behind anybody to be disturbed about it,” she includes.

A year ago, one of her prior works, play Me, My Mom and Sharmila saw a positive reaction from gatherings of people in Pakistan, be that as it may, her play couldn’t be arranged in specific zones of the nation because of dangers.

Says Fawzia on the matter, “I am a Canadian by birth. In any case, my ties with my legacy in Pakistan are exceptionally solid. Nobody can take away my ancestry and my roots from me. I’ve been to Pakistan eight times to visit my relatives. The one event when I confronted dissents and dangers in Pakistan was the point at which I took the play there. I couldn’t perform it in regions populated by Punjabis. It was an eye-opener.”

Yet, the disdain doesn’t stop there; online networking is loaded with trolls, individuals policing others, and impelling contempt.

“There is such a great amount of disdain on the interpersonal organization. My underlying impulses were to hinder the monstrous assaults on my sexuality, my nationality, my work and my personality. Be that as it may, rather I handled the contempt, attempt to prevail upon it,” says the performing artist.

“The risk is all over the place, not simply in Pakistan. Be that as it may, that won’t prevent me from being the individual I am and doing the things I need to do,” she includes.

Fawzia with Shabana

In her forthcoming film, the Pakistani performing artist will be seen as the director, producer and an actress, assuming the part of the lesbian girl who is in a relationship with a Mexican young lady, who is a wrestler.

Of her forthcoming endeavor, Fawzia clarifies why she picked female wrestling as the principle storyline. “Yes, I discover female wrestling such an underrated and misconstrued hone. My character’s mate is a Mexican-American, and that’s where the wrestling comes,”

The cast likewise incorporates the B-Town actress Shabana Azmi who will play the part of her mom.

‘Signature Move’ is set for discharge in 2017.