‘I salute Pakistan’s efforts in the fight against terrorism’: British Foreign Secretary

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, while speaking in a joint press conference with Sartaj Aziz in Islamabad, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond advised Pakistan and India to not allow non-state actors and added pressure groups to disrupt the peace process.

I urge both Pakistan and India not to allow non-state actors and other pressure groups to derail the peace process. Settling the Kashmir issue should not be a precondition for starting the dialogue process, Hammond said

It was also advised to Pakistan that the second January inquiry should be carried out.

I welcome Pakistan commitment to vigorously pursue Phatankot attack investigations and we hope that the country will make progress in the investigation, he said.

Philip Hammond also applauded Pakistan’s efforts in the fight against terrorism and said Britain will endure its backing to Pakistan in the war.

I salute Pakistan’s efforts in the fight against terrorism. Pakistan is the victim of terrorism and we want to work with Pakistan to take on the threats it faces. British and Pakistan will remain partner against terrorism, Hammond added.

Sartaj Aziz guaranteed that a joint study team is in course to complete its investigation into the Phatankot attack.

The team will visit India in the next few days and hopefully then a meeting between the foreign secretaries of the two countries will take place. The Indian High Commissioner himself stated that foreign secretaries’ meeting is not linked to the Phatankot investigation, Hammod stated

Replying to a query on the Afghan settlement procedure, Sartaj Aziz stated that Pakistan is confident that the Afghan peace process will start in coming days.

Under the concept of shared responsibility Pakistan, China and the US have to persuade the Taliban to the negotiations, he added.

It was also confirmed that the management common aptitude with New Delhi about likely terror attacks in India.

Sharing of intelligence among various nations of the world is a routine practice and this happens around the world. However, this time it was somehow leaked to media. But this showed Pakistan’s commitment to fight terrorism, Aziz said.