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I have right of defence against smears by Reham Khan – says Dr Ijaz Rehman

Baaghi TV brings to you an exclusive statement of Dr Ijaz Rahman the ex husband of Rehaam Khan. Reham in a television interview with Mubasher Lucman and in which she had accused her ex husband of domestic abuse and also claimed he did not fulfill his obligations financially to support their children. Later those remarks were tossed aside by Dr Rahman though a British Publication. Reham Khan the current wife of the PTI chairman Imran Khan is under severe criticism for many things including misleading about her educational qualifications. Accusing her Former husband wrongly and Misuse of PTI forums to promote herself and lately demanding money from some to supposedly fund her feature film. In an exclusive statement to Baaghi TV Dr Ijaz Rahman speaks his heart out and talks about the pain and anguish he is going through as he feels his own son is being used against him to malign him publicly. Reham khan was not available when Baaghi TV called her for comment and her phone was switched off though this space is available for her if she wishes to answer to any of these accusations. Following is the detailed statement of Dr Ijaz Rahman:

I have right of defence against smears by Reham Khan – says Dr Ijaz Rehman

I have been forced to rebut the false claims made by my ex-wife Reham Khan using our son Sahir. I feel compelled to expose how she is a compulsive liar, can never tell the truth. Its in this context that I have decided to produce legal evidence by an English law firm to rebut the claims made by Reham, using the account of our son Sahir, accusing me of all sorts of things. I have every right to defend myself.

Marrying a wrong person can lead one to the places one never wants to be. After a romantic proposal from my ex-wife Reham, we got engaged but my family’s reluctance to marry her was not understandable at that time. But then over a period of time I realized why they were strongly against the idea.

Women who have lots of inferiority complexes can go to any length and extent. Everything is so obvious now that even a child can see what she is – and I understand fully why Her new relatives are at war with Reham and refuse to accept her in their family. They know she will bring the same disgrace to their family which she brought to ours.

I left my bitter past 10 years ago and never looked back. But then she came back and accused me of domestic violence to build her image up and to play the victim card. I condemn my ex-wife Reham for poisoning the minds of our children, using them as a shield to hide behind and as pawns to advance her ambitions and to project herself as a saint. She can use kids to throw dirt as much as she wants but thanks to Allah she has exposed her true vile, selfish face before millions of Pakistanis.

Reham Khan with her Daughters and Son
Reham Khan with her Daughters and Son


I am also thankful to Allah that my son Sahir has at least accepted half the truth about supporting them financially; he will accept the whole truth soon, Inshallah.

Reham is not aware of the fact or I must say not educated enough to know the importance of a father Islamically, socially and psychologically. It is well known that Islam places heavy emphasis on the importance of loving and respecting parents.  Islam often discusses the value and importance of mothers and attaches great importance to it.  However, it is important to note that the role of a father is also highly recognized in Islam.  It is said that,

[quote]God’s pleasure is in the pleasure of the father, and God’s displeasure is in the displeasure of the father.


[quote] ‘Ali ibn al-Husain (r) is reported to have said: “The right of your father on you is that you should know that it is he who brought you into existence, and you are a branch of the tree of his life.”[/quote]

I wasn’t wrong about how she poisoned my children especially Sahir, giving him some court documents which suited her shows her mentality. Giving a teenage child, especially a boy, something like video games or bank cards and complete freedom and getting whatever statement one wants is the easiest thing. Reham can use our son and daughters to abuse me and I expect this from her – I will not respond to our children and I always pray for their success and well-being and have practically contributed towards that.

Reham khan and Sahir Khan
Reham khan and Sahir Khan

Reham handed over court papers to Sahir to malign me. Its right to call her a child abuser but I will come to that later and will explain facts first. The court order produced by Sahir (handed over by Reham) was made when I was not even living in the property based on her false allegations of domestic violence. Reham can tell any tale and anecdote now to the world to show herself as the victim but facts speaks loud and clear and I have established already that I looked after her in every manner. I could and gave her a lifestyle which she could never have imagined before marrying me. She has taught children how to hate their own father and I just hope that she doesn’t cause any more rifts within others family. I can bet she will never be a uniting figure. It’s not her nature.

The fact is that I took the allegations of domestic violence to fact finding hearing in magistrate court in Worcester. She made all sorts of allegations to get me out of the house and not to have contact with children. On the first hearing the judge asked Reham to produce EVIDENCE of domestic violence. She didn’t have any.

Knowing well that she can only make false allegations to become a ‘victim’, she didn’t attend the court on the second hearing and neither did her solicitor. She lied to the court that “the child is sick” and didn’t turn up at the court because she didn’t have evidence. In her absence, Reham’s solicitor could have produced the evidence but its obvious there was nothing in her hands and all she had was pack of lies.

I had challenged Reham to produce evidence of domestic violence and she knew she had no evidence. She got court orders from the Judge by telling a big story full of lies about the threats she faced. These were obviously imaginary threats and part of her plans.

It’s a matter of record that just before the third and last hearing her solicitor said Reham (‘the client’) doesn’t want to pursue the domestic violence allegation and wants FINANCIAL settlement! Yes, only FINANCIAL settlement and in Millions — nothing else!

As it stands today, I have no conviction against me. If I were involved in domestic violence, I would have been convicted and I would have lost my job. I would not be where I am today. My record on the database of CRB is clean Alhumdullilah and that’s a fact.

(Criminal Records Bureau;

Reham as usual threw Sahir in front to clear her name  after I produced evidence that she fraudulently continued to claim benefit long after she had left the United Kingdom. Which means she is a cheater and compromised. I urge Reham to take me to court in the UK if she thinks that I am lying about her stealing money from the UK taxpayer. I say again: Reham Khan committed fraud in the UK and stole money and I have evidence – unlike her.

I would like to avoid the ACTUAL reason behind our divorce because I would not like to bring her disgrace in front of her own children, but if push comes to shove then I will come out with ALL the details.

So the obvious question is why did I not mention the ACTUAL reason during the divorce proceeding and up until now? I am not as ignorant as she is and being a Psychiatrist, I knew how it could and will affect my children well being and their life. I always lived in a hope that sooner or later they will see her true colors and will come back to me but recent statements by Reham using Sahir left me with no choice.

I would also not like my kids to know the full FACTS at this stage about divorce reasons as they will not even respect their mother for the rest of their lives.

Reham filed for judicial separation with division of ASSETS but I applied for divorce. The divorce was very well planned. Only cunning and malicious women like her can do this all. She tried to provoke me several times before filing for divorce but Allah has protected me. Abusing my Dead mother, hitting me with hard objects to initiate fight and trying to become physical with me. Her aim was that I should hit her so that she could get me arrested by the police and get prosecuted and imprisoned for assault and violence but I never got trapped in her scheme and I thank Allah for protecting me from her evil designs.

I never knew what was that all about but when I got orders from court I understood the whole GAME.

  1. She went to Hull on 5TH DECEMBER 2005 in the morning and filed for three orders.
  • Occupation order.


  • Prohibited step orders.


  • Anti Molestation order.


  1. Obviously without my knowledge as it says on the order below. Its not because she was scared of me and took ex-parte it’s just because she planned that way.
  1. Occupation order refused as no evidence to the court from any source! But other was granted just in case and it’s a standard procedure in the UK.
  1. Surprise surprise that she attacked me on the night of 5th December 2005 (after filing for divorce secretly – and I didn’t know about it that time). She threw herself at me three times and hit me, pushed me down the stairs and abused my dead mother. She was loud and abusive and making a big scene out of nothing. She did so because she wanted kids to confirm to the Social Services that there was an argument between mum and dad. Then the kids came out of their room and were disturbed at what she was doing.  Reham had phone in her hand and she called the police against me.  The Police arrived immediately and found no evidence of any violence or injury and also noted that I was unaware of any court orders. The police found no injury and no evidence of any harm,  and asked her does she want a medical check, she refused, no surprise why.  She was upset with the police because this whole plot did not work according to her plans. I challenge Reham to  upload the police report too as she must have copy of it which proves my innocence.
Reham khan and Dr Ijaz Reham
Reham khan and Dr Ijaz Rehman

That was the only time police was ever called in 15 years of what I call a NIGHTMARE marriage to Reham. She attacked me and called the police to create grounds for OCCUPATION  ORDER of the house and to get me out of it. She wanted to end my contact with our children so she could continue with her sinful life.

  1. On 6the December I received the court orders she applied for on 5 December. She had filed for separation but the Occupation order was not granted to the gold-digger.
  1. The first hearing regarding this matter took place on 9th December 2005. I went back to my house and stayed there till 15 December 2005 before leaving for Pakistan which was planned almost 3 month earlier to start building a house in Pakistan. When I arrived in Pakistan, I found out that my car and all household items were missing. Reham  knows it who stole the things, ASK HER! If she wants I will tell the fact.
  1. I returned to the UK on 30 January 2006 as advised by my lawyer. During that period I rang my children and she shouted on Sahir to put the telephone down otherwise he wont get the video game. And then abused me on phone in front of children.
  1. During this time she got the Social services to interview the children and support her allegations of abuse during the marriage. I would like Reham to upload CAFCASS reports too — some remarks of children are quite funny!

(CAFCASS link;

  1. Injunction or occupation orders were granted on 30th January 2006  to her when I was not even living in the property. I didn’t oppose the occupation order because I knew it was all over,  my life had been turned upside down by a greedy and manipulative person and many other things unfolded when I was in Pakistan.

I reproduce below what Reham got Sahir to say and what the facts are:

  1. For my mother, it was never money. It was us. No child support was received until he returned to the country in 2009 and the CSA tracked down his address. And then they were stopped at the earliest opportunity. I handle her bank accounts so I know exactly how much was paid. I don’t consider that as any ‘support’. But my mother has never needed his or anyone else’s money and he is not my father in anything besides technicality.
  2. To clarify: We do not live with our biological father, nor do we ever intend to see or hear from him again. This is something we told the courts on 3 separate occasions, who did not allow any direct or indirect contact, with our well-being in mind.
  3. “The person in question is not someone I consider family or relation. My surname has been Khan for the last 10 years.

As a minor Sahir could not have changed his surname on his owns perhaps Reham changed it for him.

As it can be seen it from the documents highlighted above it is illegal for Reham to have changed his surname ten years ago.

Sahir in his statement said that his surname has been “Khan” for last ten years.

(See more at )

Reham has made all sorts of false allegations against me.  Whether someone believes her or not that’s another matter! But I would like to ask:

  • Did I make her do all the filth she had been doing since the divorce? She will know what I am talking about here!
  • Did I make her wear clothes she had been wearing?
  • Did I make her have string of relationships all over the UK?
  • Did I broadcast her shameful videos?
  • Did her help with benefit fraud?
  •  Did I say she has a degree in journalism from UK?
  • Did I make her fool the nation by fooling senior journalists on political analysis?
  • Did I ask her to do tax evasion?
  • Did I ask Reham to do what  she DID  is the real reason  of our divorce?

I am here only to defend myself because she is misleading my kids and the whole nation. It’s a shame to come in public to discuss family matters but I am left with no choice.

I am a law abiding citizen and never breached any minor or major law not only in UK, Europe, UAE, Ireland, Australia, Canada or Pakistan.

To put the record right – after I was smeared – I contacted a number of leading family law barristers and was able to get the following facts confirmed by a team of 3 lawyers. I will not publish their names or names of their firms to save them from the very risk of harassment, violence and abuse campaign. Below is what has been jointly agreed by 3 lawyers:

  1. The Court Orders were issued by The Kingston-upon-Hull County Court and are as follows:-
  1. a) Order dated 05/12/2005
  2. b) Order dated 09/12/2005
  3. c) Combined Order dated 30/01/2006
  4. d) Order dated 23/03/2007
  5. e) Order dated 10/05/2007
  6. f) Order dated 09/08/2007
  7. g) Order dated 27/09/2007
  8. h) Order dated 05/10/2007
  1. The Order dated 05/12/2005 obtained by Rehman Khan against Ijaz Rehman was an emergency order which was granted ex- parte (without notice).
  1. Family courts have jurisdiction to issue ex-parte orders if approached by any party pleading an emergency. These orders are usually obtained on the basis of allegations, subject to further investigation as to their veracity. Courts inevitably are proactive in granting such Orders erring on the side of caution especially if there are children involved. In this case there were three children who were under the age of twelve years mentioned by Dr Rehman’s ex-wife Reham Khan.
  1. In the UK, ex parte orders are usually obtained in the context of matrimonial cases where marriages break down. Issuance of ex-parte Orders, by the Courts in matrimonial cases are considered to be standard practice. Such Orders may impose prohibitions – while substantive Court proceedings are being concluded.
  1. Because a notice order is given on the basis of a perceived risk, rather than a finding of fact or admission of guilt, they are therefore not acceptable pieces of evidence, as proof of domestic violence and should not be treated as such.
  1. An ex Parte order cannot and should not be treated as a conviction or even a caution. It would be entirely misconceived to treat these as some kind of criminal liability. Certainly they are not proof of criminal liability whatsoever. Furthermore, during the contact proceedings no conviction is seen in the orders provided to us.
  1. The perusal of the other Orders showed that domestic violence was alleged by Reham Khan in the papers. These were never proved.
  1. We can confirm that the evidence we have seen clearly establishes that Domestic Violence was NOT established or found at any stage by any agency, be it the courts or the police or the social services.
  1. The family proceedings are civil in nature and the question of being guilty only arises if the court passes an order to such an effect. There is no such order in the court documents. As such, Dr Rehman was never found to be involved in any kind of abuse that was alleged of by his former wife Reham Khan.

10- We understand that Dr Ijaz Rehman is employed by the National Health Service (NHS) as a Consultant Psychiatrist. The NHS has a strict code on recruitment. It would never risk employing a person convicted of domestic abuse by any Magistrate Court.

  1. Dr Rehman holds a clear and unblemished personal and professional record as far the UK authorities and systems are concerned.

Does Reham want me to come up with the whole truth as to why our marriage broke down or will she stop accusing me? The WHOLE truth? So far I am just defending myself, if I start she won’t be able to defend herself. The full truth will be out one day and I will choose when. My battle is to uphold the truth, the truth at all costs and nothing else. Thank you.

Dr Ijaz Rehman