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Hussain – part & parcel of every Muslim’s faith

The Sacrifice of Hussain A.S./R.A.

Islamic year starts every year but this painful and full of blood sacred month occupies pivotal significance because of bringing along sadness and lessons from past. This reminds and brings in front of my eyes the scenes from Battle of Karbala.

The sad part is that even today, the history of Karbala is being repeated in many parts of the world by showing brutality to the Muslims of Palestine, Syria, Kashmir and even India. On one hand the wrongdoings to the Muslims are not being criticized by the Muslim Ummah while on the other Peace Committees are being formed in order to maintain law and order situation during the sacred month of Muharram. This certainly brings along more miser-ability to already wounded thoughts for centuries.

Being realistic, peace committees are formed where there is an expected danger to the peace and there if danger to peace where any dispute exists. I am unable to understand what dispute among Muslim Ummah can endanger peace? Who among Muslims is the one to whose faith Hussain A.S./ R.A. is not a part? Who among the believers of Allah and Finality of Prophet-hood does not have love for Hussain A.S./ R.A. running in his blood? Which eye does not become river Faraat by conceptualizing the thirst of Hussain A.S./ R.A.? Which heart is not ready willing to spread like a desert to collect Hussain A.S./ R.A.’s love?

The only dispute which can arise on Hussain A.S./ R.A. is that because of the love to him and every Muslim wishes to compete the other in this love race. Any dispute on Hussain A.S./ R.A. can be on the sacrifice which he has left for all of us as an everlasting example and every Muslim would want to compete the other following this sacrifice. These chains of love, belief and respect cannot be a cause of any outbreak or hostility.

A country which belongs to Muslims, have Islamic Ideology and was created on the basis of Islam cannot have a dispute on Hussain A.S./ R.A.. In a country like Pakistan, it astonishes me that as the Muharram starts, the security issues initiate. Peace becomes endangered. There should be no dispute on the dignity of Hussain A.S./ R.A. and why would a country found on the basis of Islam has disputes over Hussain A.S./ R.A.’s dignity? If so is the case then the country is not Muslims’.

It does not end here. Who is the one disagreeing to the dignity of Hussain A.S./ R.A.? Every Muslim is Hussain A.S./ R.A.’s soldier, every Muslim is Hussain A.S./ R.A.’s mourner, everyone shares Hussain A.S./ R.A.’s grief and all Muslims are pioneers of Hussain A.S./ R.A.’s message of sacrifice. And when everyone is against Yazidiyat then why the peace is being endangered?

Turning the pages of history unleashes that Hussain A.S./ R.A., our Hussain A.S./ R.A., our beloved Prophet’s Hussain A.S./ R.A., victims’ Hussain A.S./ R.A., martyrs’ Hussain A.S./ R.A. and humanity’s Hussain A.S./ R.A.; was stranded in Karbala along with women and kids belonging to the family of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Hussain A.S./ R.A.’s single signal could change the situations but he preferred his principles over anything else and sacrificed to lit the candle of Islamic principles till the day of Judgement.

Let me clear the confusion that Hussain A.S./ R.A.’s war was neither for designation nor for power but that was the fight of principles, righteousness and by fighting in Karbala Hussain A.S./ R.A. proved that it’s not always the defeat of the righteous with the victory of the powerful. Although Yazid won in Karbala but he lost in history because when Hussain A.S./ R.A. is buried, the wrongdoings end.

Let’s remember Hussain A.S./ R.A. today. Let’s imagine the blood which absorbed in the sand of Karbala for standing on principles. Although weapons won in the eye of world but the world couldn’t see the sand mixed with blood by the tyrant, the commitment which was being stopped to carry on by restricting water for them; but after fourteen hundred years you can well imagine who was victorious and who remained defeated at the end of the day. The righteous is still alive in the world and the wrongdoer being condemned in all corners of the world.

Hussain A.S./ R.A. gave us lesson that humans are greater than weapons; the power of righteousness can defeat the wrongful. Hussain A.S./ R.A. belongs to everyone and the voice for Hussain A.S./ R.A. is being raised everywhere across the globe. Everyone mourns on Hussain A.S./ R.A.’s sacrifice, women’s respect and children’s courage showed in the Battle of Karbala which was fought for the survival of humanity. It was fought to bring peace and prosperity to the world and is still going on in many parts of the world.

The women and children are surrounded by the tyrants and seek peace. The peace based on justice, justice that teaches hate for blood. Peace that is achieved with sacrifices that started from the Battle of Karbala and is still continued. The miserable humanity is still finding the peaceful world for which Hussain A.S./ R.A. sacrificed and Muslims across the world remember his sacrifice on this day. Although during this they keep themselves busy in looking after the security and keeping themselves safe but do not find the peace for which Hussain A.S./ R.A. fought the war at Karbala.

All of us should be unite in the name of Hussain A.S./ R.A. and the best time for this is Muharram-ul-Haram. Let’s commit love for Hussain A.S./ R.A., end up disputes, wish for strength, stability and progress of Pakistan, and seek unity and peace that Hussain A.S./ R.A. opted for this Ummah.


An excerpt translated from Zikr-e-Hussain written by Kausar Niazi published by Jang Publishers Lahore