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Hussain Nawaz appeared fifth time before JIT

The son of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appeared before JIT fifth time for the investigation of allegations of money laundering against PM’s family.

He arrived at FJA (Federal Judicial Academy) under high security belted by PML-N, where JIT has arranged its secretariat.

While talking to media outside the secretariat, Hussain Nawaz said that “Action should only be taken on the basis of evidence”.

When a reporter asked about his photo leak then he said, “The reason behind the photo leak can only be explained by those people who leaked this”.

Last Wednesday, he also filed a petition to investigate the matter of leaking the picture during the investigation.

Hussain also alleged that JIT member are pressuring the witness to change their statements and even to decoy specific persons in cruelty.

Hussain Nawaz had also requested to change two members of JIT. He alleged that these people are having a close relation with the rival party, PTI. But the court rejected this plea.

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