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Human Rights Activist and Legal Expert, Asma Jahangir (1952-2018), Passes Away in Lahore

By Anahita Zurvan

A leading lawyer and a human rights activist passed away on Sunday few hours ago. She was 66 years old. Jahangir was born in Lahore on January 27, 1952, she completed her Bachelor of Arts and law from Lahore and pursued higher legal degrees from Switzerland, Canada, and US. Jahangir was the recipient of France’s highest civilian honor in 2014, and was also the proud recipient of Sweden’s alternative to the Nobel Prize for her contribution to the human rights activism.

According to Jahangir’s spokesperson, “she suffered from a cardiac and was immediately taken to a Hospital on Firozpur Road where she took her last breadth.

Jahangir taught constitutional law at Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Lahore.

She served as the head of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and the Supreme Court Bar Association and was also known for taking up court cases of persecuted and disregarded sections of society. She bravely fought and stood against the military dictatorship of General Ziaul Haq.

Jahangir taught constitutional law at Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Lahore.

Jahangir was also an author and a robust activist for democracy and went on to garner man accolades for her contribution as a human rights activist.

Moreover, she was held partnership at AGHS Law Associates and was rendering her services as its head of legal aid cell. Jahangir also served as a special representative of human rights for the United Nations in Pakistan.

Among her many important stances, she was very a blunt and vocal in opposing judicial overreach and would often confront the superior judiciary when it would extend its jurisdiction in her opinion.

In the last post on her Twitter account, Jahangir cautioned the Supreme Court from selectively using the contempt of court law.

Jahangir’s departure left everybody in sorrow in Pakistan as well as in international community. Following is the condolence note from the American ambassador, David Hale:












She tweeted last on February 1, 2018 with reference to Nehal Hashmi’s case: