Hulk Hogan, Wrestling Superstar Humiliated by a Secret Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan, the wrestling superstar has been “humiliated” by a sex tape, that was secretly recorded later which was posted on-line, he testified on Monday, at a trial that seek $100 million in damages.

Hulk Hogan, who is 62, while wearing his trademark of the black bandana and a colossal silver cross, was videoed having consensual sexual activity with the wife of his friend.

“I was completely humiliated,” said Hogan, who is one of America’s most famous entertainment wrestlers, to the court.

The handlebar-mustached performer (real name, Terry Bollea) said that his privacy was dishonored by the publication of the 1 minutes and 41 seconds steamy encounter with his friend’s wife.

One of the entertainment and online news website Gawker, the defendant in suit, posted this sex video.

Hogan, however testified that Hogan’s friend, radio personality Bubba “the Love Sponge” Clem, was involved in an “open marriage” and wanted his wife to have sex with the wrestler.

After several petitions, Hogan said he finally agreed, and that he didn’t realize that the encounter was being secretly recorded. This trial is, however expected to last several weeks.

Hulk Hogan insisted that this posting of the video harmed his professional as well as his personal reputation. It was seen online by around seven million people, said his attorney in court.

“This man stood there naked and exposed, to the world to see,” said Shane Vogt, his lawyer.  “This was a pornographic video that was secretly recorded without the consent of Mr. Bollea, and they knew it,” he added.

A lawyer for Gawker, Michael Berry, however insisted that the posting, the recording \ celebrity photos, and videos — even the salacious ones— goes with the territory when one is a star.

“The public is fascinated with sex tapes. That is the way it is today,” said Micheal Berry, without much of a regret.