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How to hide a billion dollars-The Panama Papers

How to hide a billion dollars in just five easy steps? This is explained in the case of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

  1. Find someone (Sergei Roldugin) you can trust really; your best friend, godfather to your daughter and artistic director of St Petersburg’s House of music
  2. It helps if you have a bank run by another friend (Ruvi Kovalchuk)
  3. You will also need a law firm that specialises in offshore companies
  4.  The bank helps you in setting up the companies in your best friends’s name; Registered offshore in, say, the Britishh Virgin Isles where the privacy law ensures that no one needs to know
  5. The law firm signs off loans to offshore companies

Congratulations! You have hidden a billion dollars. Now to start spending it.

Perhaps, one of these offshore companies could loan $12 million to a ski resort, where your younger daughter gets married.

These loans are unsecured and untraceable, so no one will ever know unless the law firm, Mossack Fonseca is hit by the biggest leak in the history.

The video and content is actually specifically for Vladimir Putin mentioning him after the Panama leaks.

[The video was originally published on The Guardian.]

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