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How to have a diet of an athlete

There are 6 definite foods to include in your diet to help improve recovery time and help upsurge the fuel your body has to increase your energy levels.
1.) Coconut oil
– Coconut oil is great because it has a high heat threshold and contains medium chain fatty acids that your body can burn for energy for endurance events.
2.) Superseeds 
-Superseeds like chia seeds are known as warrior food. Chia is your highest plant based source of protein, it’s high in fiber, and omega 3 fatty acid, which is also excellent for increasing athletic performance.
3.) Collagen
-Foods like Bone Broth can recover your joints, improve detoxification, and restore gut.
4.) Protein 
– Protein like grass-fed beef, which is high in iron and vitamin B12, progress your physical performance.
5.) Berries 
-Berries are very high in antioxidants, which upkeep retrieval for athletes.
6.) Vegetables
-Vegetables can help alkalize your body, which ultimately support recovery.