How should you drive in fog? Check these tips out

Winter season is up with its all beauty however, the fog, that mostly is the favorite site for people to feel the season is dangerous also especially for drivers.

The visibility limit in the fog becomes even 0 at many times and therefore, the roads for larger voyage get closed. Due to the low visibility level, many vehicles collapse into one another causing casualties.

To avoid such incidents, one must be careful during driving and to drive in fog is not an easy job. One must use the following tips to drive in fog in order to be safe.

  • Keep your vehicle’s speed slow and do not drive faster as fast speed can take your vehicle out of your control in case of emergency.
    slow speed
  • Keep the following distance between the vehicles more to avoid any clash in case of emergency.
    Increase following distance
  • Turn all the lights of your vehicles including the hazard lights on. Moreover, do not use high beam light and only use low beam headlights and fog lights.
    turn on your hazard
  • Use the 360 degree flashers in order to give vehicles that are approaching from behind, an alert to notice your vehicle.
  • Use the windshield wipers continuously to maximize the visibility. It will wipe the wet screen caused by fog.
  • Always stay ready for the emergency stops by other vehicles as they may face any hurdle and stop immediately. Therefore, you also should keep the vehicle in control.
    vehicle singal
  • Turn off your vehicle’s cruise control, therefore, you are in the control of your vehicle.
  • Use the right lane of the road so that you or the traffic coming from either side, may not face any hurdle.
    right lane
  • If the visibility is not clear then listen to the traffic sounds carefully.
    traffic sound
  • Do not change lanes or over take other vehicles, but only if its very necessary.
    Do not change lane
  • Always remember that other other drivers also have limited sight distance and the fog makes the road wet and slippery.
  • Signal early before you apply brakes because the vehicle following you may also have to take a little time to apply brakes and handle their vehicle.
    Be ready for emergency stops by other vehicles
  • Keenly observe the slow moving vehicle as well as parked vehicles.
    Watch out for slow-moving
  • If you are unable to see across the fog, pull off the road completely at any resting point.
  • If you pull off the road, turn on your hazard flashers immediately.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more tips. Drive safe!