How Musharraf’s name removed from ECL without court’s permission: court

Islamabad (Online): A special court (SC) hearing a high treason case against former President Pervez Musharraf has remarked how Musharraf’s name was removed from ECL without its permission.

The high treason case against Musharraf came up for hearing before SC headed by Justice Mazhar Alam Khan Miankhel and comprising Justice Tahira Safdar and Justice Yawar Ali here on Thursday.

The court expressed resentment over absence of Musharraf from the court and inquired from prosecutor Muhammad Akram Sheikh

“We will see the accused later. Tell us first were the authorities not aware of court’s orders. How the name of Musharraf was removed from ECL without the orders of SC.Was it not in the knowledge of the government that the SC had summoned Musharraf. If the government was unaware of it then why did you not inform the court?”

The prosecutor replied that the court could cancel the bail and issue arrest warrants. Surety bonds given by guarantor of Musharraf could be confiscated, he said. The statement of Musharraf can be recorded through video link if court allows this.

On summoning by the court interior secretary appeared and recorded statement saying that the name of Musharraf was removed from ECL keeping in the light of the law and Musharraf has been allowed to go abroad under the orders of Supreme Court.

The court remarked that the case cannot move ahead further in the absence of Musharraf.

The court sought written reply from Musharraf and his guarantor, Rashid Qureshi.

Court remarked that the guarantor of Musharraf should present the former president in the court or his surety bonds would be confiscated.